One less thing…

Here at Leo Pro Gear, we know from over 12 years of active, on the street policing experience, that you have enough to put up already. We know that from the second you walk into the station doors, it’s on…

Sergeants on your back about yesterdays work and the radio is on to you about todays work. Phones are ringing, the jobs don’t stop, the new pro is tugging on your shirt asking questions and your haven’t even had your damn breakfast coffee yet.

We know that most days are full of decisions and there is always a lot on your mind. We know that you don’t need to dread sliding on that stinky body armour you haven’t had time to clean properly since you got it. We know that you don’t need to watch the weather report to decide whether or not you are going to wear you body armour today.

We know that you don’t want to stew all day in your vest whilst you’re directing traffic, chasing crooks, searching cars, doing beats, bikes or any of the vast array of thing that cops ‘do’, day in and day out.

Smart cops ALWAYS wear their armour…and rightly so. After all, the future of your career, family and quality of life potentially depends on this decision overtime you make it.

The guys here at Leo Pro gear have been wearing light weight body armour for about 7 years. Day in day out. Spending shifts with aircon cranked, dry lips, dehydrating in the Aussie summer sun, salt stains on shirts and overalls, ripping the front of the vest out at the slightest hint of a breeze just to get some air down there for some sweet relief.

Then…we discovered the Maxx-Dri vest generations by 221B Tactical. Suresh, the 221B founder, who is a 13 year Police veteran was obviously having the same iss

ues and came up with the Maxx-Dri vest out of shear frustration.

The Maxx-Dri vests primarily create an 8mm gap (generations 2 & 3) between the wearers body and the wearers body armour. Like a cushion of air. This gap allows built up heat to escape from 360 degrees around the wearers body, particularly from hot areas like the chest, underarms and back. It does this by both allowing heat to vent, but also to be replaced by fresh air from that breeze you crave or from your patrols vehicles air conditioner.

See the Maxx-Dri vest in action here

This airflow also allows moisture from your body sweat to evaporate, leaving your undershirt and uniform dry throughout your shift.

Keep in mind, the Maxx-dri vest is not a fan, an air conditioner or refrigerator. Sweating is important and inevitable. If it’s hot…you will sweat.

The difference Maxx-Dri makes is that the sweat evaporates away from your body and out of your vest, instead of you sitting in bacteria friendly sweat soup all day and going home smelling like half the people you dealt with during your shift. You stay comfortable, you go home dry.

The major benefit to being comfortable in the policing context is a matter of personal and public safety. If you are getting unbearably hot under your vest to a point you are uncomfortable…then no matter what your doing, you are being distracted by that and not paying attention to potentially deadly threats to your safety. You wouldn’t check Facebook on your phone whilst dealing with a crook or searching a car.

If you are adjusting your vest for comfort, ripping the front out for air, pulling your shirt down cause its riding up or feeling the accumulating effects of heat stress or prickly heat rash…then you aren’t paying full attention.

The Maxx-Dri vests can relieve these problems for you.

For the price you pay, you get comfort, you loose an excuse to not wear your armour, you go home dry, you stay cool through your whole shift, you loose one less thing to distract you, the time it take to cool down after strenuous activity is vastly reduced and you get a better weight distribution of your armour.

More importantly, the guys at 221B Tactical insist that “IF YOU ARE NOT 100% SATISFIED” you get your money back. 30 day money back guarantee! You also get a LIFE TIME WARRANTY. Thats a company putting their money where there mouth is.

Over 150000 military and law enforcement officers use the Maxx-Dri vest in the United States alone.

Leo Pro Gear is the exclusive supplier of 221B Tactical products in Australia. Purchase your Maxx-Dri vest from our store or Patrol through our website or Facebook page to find out more and keep up with new products and specials.

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