Protecting yourself!

Every year, on the 29th of September, police officers around Australia stop to remember fallen mates, pay respects to old and new hero’s who have laid down there lives in the service and protection of others and to reflect on the dangers of a job they turn up to day in day out.

Its a sombre day and a sombre thought, that each and every officer has the potential of having their name etched in ‘that’ wall. Something none of us want.

2 things that can help protect yourself and keep you in the fight, should you find yourself in a battle for you life is your BODY ARMOUR and a GOOD set of gloves!!!

Body armour is simply a MUST in todays world and climate. Police are being targeted and attacked like no other time in history.

As I travel around different police stations and speak with officers about there body armour, I hear
“It’s too hot!”
“I am not going to wear it through summer!”
“I sweat too much!”
I’ve said these things myself…that was before I found the Maxx-Dri vest.

Our hands are the forefront of any and every fight we are ever in. Without our hands at 100%, the rest of us is fighting at a disadvantage. If our hands get cut, broken or damaged, we can’t fight, use our radio, use our appointments or firearms. In many circumstances, protection of our hands should be our priority.

I all too often see cops searching offenders, suspects, vehicles and house in thin rubber gloves…they offer your hands ZERO protection against anything except germs and you spreading your DNA on things.

With Body Armour on and a quality set of gloves, we are putting ourselves in the best position to overcome those battles we find our selves in.

This Police remembrance day, Leo Pro Gear are saying ‘thank you’ and ‘look after yourself’ by offering 10% off Maxx-Dri Body Armour ventilation vests and Guardian HDX Cut resistant gloves.

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For the one’s in authority are God’s servants for your good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for they do not bear the sword in vain. They are God’s servants, agents of wrath to bring punishment on evildoers.

Romans 13:4