How to use our motor vehicle search tools

Searching vehicles is everyday work for any motivated cop.

Hiding contraband is everyday work for criminals.

Who is going to put more effort into their work?

Think about this…how much training have you as a cop had in searching vehicles? How motivated are you to find what you are looking for? You are really just making work for yourself, you get paid the same no matter what…

In contrast, the professional drug courier who is facing 10 years in jail and loosing a hundred thousand dollars of somebody else’s drugs is pretty bloody motivated to not get caught!

Contraband to criminals is what cakes are to bakers, what mechanical skills are to a mechanic, what beer is to a publican…it’s a commodity. Something that people will swap money with them for. Drugs, black market weapons, stolen property, tainted currency…it’s all ‘commodity’ in the underbelly business world. A supply to a demand.

So, hiding your illegal commodity is essentially ‘business insurance’! It stops people stealing it, adds an assurance that it will get to its destination and hopefully, will stop the cops finding it.

So it REALLY pays to hide your contraband well. It’s good business sense.

Have a think about that.

Now ask yourself why you are still looking in the ashtray and in the centre console for anything more than an 8-ball.

Crooks are spending money and time hiding things BETTER than cops are looking. Don’t doubt that for a second.

Leo Pro Gear are hellbent on providing you, the motivated, crook catching, drug finding, courier arresting copper, the right tools for the job, and the right methods to use them.

Enter the Leo Pro Gear 8-piece Professional motor vehicle search tool kit!!! 8 auto-motive tools to give you access to hard to reach areas, without spending copious amounts of time and effort on the roadside, without damaging other peoples vehicles and without using multi-tool knives, screw drivers, and bare fingers.

But we know that having tools and no knowledge as to how to use them, is just as good as having no tools at all. So we have created a small series of videos to educate you on how you can use our tools.

How to search a car door
How to remove a 2 piece plug

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