We are Law Enforcement…for Law Enforcement

At Leopro Gear, we’re a seasoned team of police officers who, through many years of policing have grown sick of not having the right tools for the jobs were are expected to do in the most professional manner possible.

Over our years in the job, we have slowly built a range of personally tried and tested bits of kit that we would not go on patrol without.

We are dedicated and committed to providing Law Enforcement specific products that make your time and effort whilst on patrol safer, more comfortable, efficient and professional.

Our Mission

When perception matters…professionalism is non-negotiable!

We strive to keep you at the top of your game and on the front foot in your fight against crime, by putting the right tools in your hands for every situation you are faced with.

Whether you’re a  Police officer, Sheriff, Customs and Border protection Correctives, Australian Protective Service, Military Police or any other form of law enforcement professional , Leopro Gear will ensure that you will ‘Be prepared for everything!’

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