Leo Pro Gear Drug Scales


Leo Pro Gear USB/Battery Digital scale

Leo Pro Gear’s digital, LCD screen drug scales. USB or battery powered. Accurate, reliable and cost effective.


Leo Pro Gear are now stocking high quality pocket sized drug scales.

Have you ever been caught on the side of the road, guessing weights of illicit drugs? Have your station scales been flat at the wrong time?

Not a battery in sight?

Not only does it look un-professional but it can open you up to ALL SORTS of accusations later on.

With a set of accurate scales available on the road side, you can take care of you business, weigh drugs in front of criminals and photograph their weight on scene, without having to carry it back to station and weigh it later on, this practice can lead to evidential issues and accusations too.

Police forces don’t fork out money to make things easy for their staff and as a result useful items like drug scales in police vehicles are rare. You can tell by the age and quality of some sets of scale located this year in stations around Australia; they are an absolute joke. Bypass your departments rubbish and by your own reliable set and claim it all on tax.


Imagine handing a brief to a defence lawyer with your drugs being weighed on this…Actual scale located in Australian Police station


“How many calories are in your weed dude…???” Michelle Bridges food scales? Actual scales located in Australian police station!!

Have a think about some of the legal issues you might face with drug weights being incorrect or people being charged with the wrong offence due to in-accurate scales.

Furthermore, Imagine your credibility levels after you hand your brief to a defence solicitor with your drugs being weighed on a pre-historic set of analogue spring loaded scales…honestly…OR, what about some Michelle Bridges food and calorie scales…the keystone cops come to mind.

Look professional, be professional, be prepared. Get you self a set of modern, accurate scales that will fit in your kit bag. 

Leo Pro Gear scales are accurate to +/- 0.1 gram, and have weight range between 0.1 grams, to 500 grams and will show weight in grams, ounces, and other common measures.

They will run off USB power or 2xAAA batteries. The scale lid fits on the scales platform to increase surface area for larger items.

Green backlit Digital LCD screen makes viewing and photographing easy and efficient.

They will easily fit in your kit bag or evidence kit, easy to use and fit for duty.