Personal Combat Tourniquet


Personal combat tourniquet to stop life threatening bleeding.



Imagine realising you’ve just started having a really bad day.

Imagine you’ve been shot…or stabbed! Perhaps you have been involved in a serious motor vehicle accident…you feel a warm sensation…you look down and see flowing blood.

Imagine your have a partner, a mate, a member of the public suffering a similar injury in front of you. Simply dying before your eyes.

Seems dramatic to read, but this happens every single day around Australia. Police and emergency services face serious life threatening medical drama’s every single day.

What good is a tourniquet when its in the car…or at your station in a go bag, or basically anywhere out of your reach? With a serious injury…you don’t have seconds to waste. You may not even be able to get to your car.

That is simply why you need one on you. At all times. To give yourself the best chance of surviving your bad day. To get home and see your kids.

A personal Tourniquet is a battle proven insurance policy that increases your chances of surviving exponentially.

LEO Pro Gear is dedicated to giving you what you need to excel and survive the most unpredictable jobs in the world.

The LEO Pro Gear Combat Tourniquet is a purpose made medical device that, used properly will control life threatening extremity bleeding.

Why are you even waiting? Its the best priced Tourniquet from LEO Pro Gear, who have over 15 years emergency service experience.

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