Professional vehicle searching tool kit


Professional vehicle searching tool kit


Law Enforcement Officers around the country search a variety of vehicles everyday a part of their normal duties. Do you have the right tools for the job?

But is there any point if your best search is looking under the seats and in the glove compartment? Maybe you go a little further and pop some panels around the gear stick with your Leatherman and leave a few scratches and marks as a calling card.

Are you happy with that level of search? Are you sure there isn’t a kilo, or gun hidden somewhere you haven’t been able to access? Are your crooks laughing at you as they drive away knowing that they are better than you at your own game?
ith Leo Pro Gear’s Professional vehicle search tool kit, there are very few places in a motor vehicle you won’t be able to pry and peep or thoroughly inspect. Constructed using a durable plastic that is light weight and in bright colours so you won’t leave them behind.

The kit comes with 8 tools including:

2x panel removers,
1x general-purpose remover,
1x pull action remover
1x wide remover,
1x narrow remover,
1x upholstery clip remover and
1x pry tool.

You will be able to remove most panels and determine whether they have illicit items or hidden compartments concealed within the vehicle confines.

These tools will not leave scratches or marks (when used correctly) and will remove most plugs and clips in a manner that allows you to use them to replace the panel if you need to.

Don’t be the keen as pro-active cop that rips a car apart with a screwdriver or Leatherman, and in doing so, damages somebodies car and then cops a complaint after all your good work.

Order your set today, and have them within days (most areas). You search game will improve and you appear more professional when it counts.

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Vehicle searching tool kit