Silver Eagle compatible IR remote control extender


Leo Pro Gear’s ‘Silver Eagle compatible Infra Red remote control extender’ allows Police Officers to operate your Highway Patrol vehicles ‘Silver Eagle Radar’ remote control from the comfort of the centre console area…just like old times, instead of trying to aim up and over the MDT and other barriers within your vehicle.

We’ve all seen that car approaching at a speed well above the limit and panic’d looking for the remote control which has usually fallen off on the floor. We’ve all struggled with finding a comfortable and suitable area to permanently place the new SE remotes. They usually take up residence in the cup holders now, as they don’t work when placed on the centre console like the old wired triggers or operated from the hip as you drive.

Buy installing an Leo Pro Gear Silver Eagle compatible IR remote control extender you will ensure that your Radar unlocks when, and only when you want it to. Ensure you don’t miss that big speed when the remote fails to unlock your beam. Ensure that once you have locked on a speed, you can safely operate your vehicle without trying to place the remote back in what ever spot it lives within your car.

Simply stick your remote in a position that is comfortable for you on the centre console. Place the IR receiver in front of your remote, and the smaller transmitter in front of the Silver eagle display head and plug the USB power source into a usb socket. Then simply press the unlock button and enjoy the sweet tones of the doppler shift without having to throw the remote to turn and burn.

The Silver Eagle compatible IR remote control extender also comes standard with 2 custom cut pieces of double sided tape for ease of installation. Installation time is approximately 2 minutes.

This product will not affect the Radar, it’s calibration or it’s readings. It does not even make contact with the Radar unit at all, simply transmits the IR signal of the remote control to trigger the unlock and lock mechanism of the Radar device.

At $15 with free postage, you can’t go wrong. Stock is limited so Buy yours now to avoid an inevitable back order delay and tell your Highway Patrol mates about them before it’s too late.

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Silver Eagle Compatible Infra Red Remote extender

$15 – Free postage